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Saturday Rambles- Adventures and Thank You’s

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!! I am so glad the weekend is here. What a week! Everyone is still asleep in my house so I have the lounge all to myself while I write. I’m not going to lie… its heaven! I was supposed to be sharing a recipe with you today but instead I am rambling and sharing some pictures. Miss I decided that she didn’t want to take her usual lunch time nap. That lunchtime nap is the 2 hours each day where I cram everything in! She also decided that it would be a great idea to be up half the night on Thursday night, leaving me feeling like absolute rubbish yesterday. It has been tantrum central in our house for the last few days because she’s so bloody tired so we haven’t been doing anything exiting.

Before I carry on, I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU. Since posting the blog on Tuesday about Miss I getting bullied for her glasses, the love and support has been incredibly overwhelming! We have had so many comments not only on the Blog and Facebook but also Instagram. I actually cannot believe it. If I haven’t yet replied to your comment, I am so so sorry! I am slowly working through them all. Lots of people have shared their experiences with me and I no longer feel so alone. Honestly, no words can ever thank you all enough for the kind words and support you have all shown over the last few days. It has restored my faith in humanity. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

On Wednesday we did manage to get out to One Tree Hill (here is some information about its history!) and Cornwall Park. Its one of my most favourite spots here in Auckland. Spring time is amazing as there is calves and lambs running about and the daffodils are in bloom. Its just so beautiful. We usually just do a loop around the base of One Tree Hill but this week we decided to suck it up and walk to the top. I usually wouldn’t think twice and just do it, but after pushing a 18kg combined weight of kid and stroller half way up, I started to question my decision! After a few stops to “look at the lambs” (my excuse to stretch out my shoddy achilles tendon), we made it up to the top! It unfortunately wasn’t that nice of a day to take in the views but it was still gorgeous. If you ever come to Auckland, make sure you visit One Tree Hill!

I best get on with house stuff! We just got back from a morning of swimming so now its time to cram in everything while Miss I is sleeping. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Calves at One Tree Hill Hey Little Sweet Thing

Lamb at One Tree Hill Hey Little Sweet Thing

Base of One Tree Hill Hey Little Sweet Thing

View from the side of One Tree Hilll Hey Little Sweet Thing

Sky Tower from One Tree Hill Auckland

Rangitoto from One Tree Hill Auckland

Sir John Logan Campbell Grave One Tree Hill Hey Little Sweet Thing

One Tree Hill Statue Hey Little Sweet Thing

Miss I Hey Little Sweet Thing

Daffodils Cornwall Park Hey Little Sweet Thing

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