No doubt you have accidentally stumbled across this blog and you are probably thinking to yourself “WHAT is this mess??”. Well, THANK YOU for stopping by regardless of how you made your way here and in answer to your question… your guess is as good as mine! Lets see if we can work it out.

Hey Little Sweet thing was born a few years ago out of my love for baking (the writing part came at the start of last year). The universe decided it would be a great time for us to have a child, and instead, she became my little sweet thing. I rarely bake these days, although getting back into the swing of things, but I do have a pretty awesome (yet chaotic) little girl. My husband works as an I.T Consultant and I’m a work from/stay at home mum who looks after our business we own. We travel a lot in the summer for not only to get away for a weekend and explore new places but also for business related events which is AMAZING. He loves to cook, I love to bake so when we aren’t completely and utterly shattered, we have dinner and dessert covered!

So.. I guess this blog is about my life as a stay at home mum, our life together as a family, our love for cooking, baking and travelling and maybe a few useful tips (HAHA) on stuff.

*HI 5!* We did it!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the chaotic and randomness that is us.


Contact me
E- hello@heylittlesweetthing.com
IG- heylittlesweets
FB- facebook.com/heylittlesweetthing

17 thoughts on “About

  1. hey hey hey! so sorry, youre probably wondering why youve just got a notification saying ive just started following you! apparently wordpress thinks we shouldnt be firends and somehow unfollowed you!! sorry 😦 it wasnt on purpose, can’t be loosing my WP bestie now can I? xx

    1. Yeah! Not bad now thank you 🙂 glad to be back on my feet!

      I didn’t get a notification telling me you had replied so that’s why there’s a delay! Any who…. I’m looking to you for some help 😇 I’m seriously craving cinnamon atm! Like badly! Just wondered if you had a recipe I could pinch from you? For a cinnamon roll/bun kind of thang? Any ideas? If you can, could you email to to me? On my site there’s a contact form at the top on the menu, send it through there if you have one? Please and thank you 😘 x

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